Now Your Customers Can
Be Immersed in the Action
Trust They’ll be Heard
Hear the Dialogue
Crank it to 11
Put Down the Remote
Savor the Bassline
Entertain without Pauses
Just Ask Once
Enjoy Your Signature Sound
Capture Pristine Audio
Appreciate the Nuance
Feel Like They’re There
Get Big Sound from Small Speakers
Learn how DSP Concepts empowers industry to deliver cutting edge features in audio-enabled products

Super Sonic Solutions. Delivered.


Hear the Moment, Not the Hardware
The world's most popular action cameras use Audio Weaver to record experiences free from wind, water, and contact noise.


Innovation Unleashed
Pioneering audio brands rely on Audio Weaver to rapidly prototype new, genre-defining products and advance the state-of-the-art


Check. Check. Check.
A premier streaming platform wanted a new product with highly-demanded audio features. They used Audio Weaver to drop in these features with minimal effort and risk.


A Tuning Fork In The Road
The world's premier EV maker uses Audio Weaver to seamlessly deliver a signature auditory experience across all models and configurations.

In The Wild.

40 Million

Audio Weaver is built into over 40
million audio-enabled products worldwide.

TalkTo. Super-Human Hearing
For Very Human Spaces.


TalkTo is a proprietary Audio Weaver application that uses machine learning and advanced microphone-processing techniques to deliver quiet-room performance in the noisy and unpredictable spaces of everyday life.


Audio Weaver.
Deliver Advanced Audio Features
Using Components, Not Code.



Audio Weaver offers a revolutionary new way to deliver cutting edge audio features in embedded systems. Featuring a unique real-time design paradigm, cross-platform processing engine, and open interfaces for third party components and tools, Audio Weaver empowers teams of all sizes compete in the race to deliver innovative, audio-enabled products.


Time is Money.
Audio Weaver Saves You Both.

For the company. Audio Weaver offers portable, scalable audio-designs on a unified, open platform that will support your growing team and product portfolio.

For the product manager. Audio Weaver lets do you more with less. Confidently take on requirements that keep you ahead of the competition.

For the engineer. Say good bye to the lengthy iteration cycles of code-compile-test. Audio Weaver’s unique data-driven architecture and real-time workflow allow you to achieve far greater results in significantly less time.


Your Super Audio Powers.
Just One Click Away.

Audio Weaver Allows product-makers to add & manage digital audio features with extreme efficiency

Talk To™ Complete suite of Microphone and Machine Learning algorithms for far-field voice control

Automotive Solutions Turn-key system designs, Audio Weaver Components, and award-wining cabin-tuning.