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TalkTo™ - High Performance Voice Front Ends

  • Suite of Machine Learning and Advanced Microphone Algorithms delivers unrivaled barge-in performance
  • Adaptive Interference Canceller™ (AIC) learns and eliminates external noise sources.
  • Highly optimized AEC for up to 7.1 output channels
  • Beam-forming for linear or circular arrays of 2 to 8 microphones.


Playback Processing - High demand Audio Features available through Audio Weaver

  • Dialog Enhancement
  • Smart Volume
  • Perceptual Bass Enhancement
  • Small-Speaker Enhancement
  • Dynamic Loudness EQ
  • Limiters / Compressors


Audio Weaver® - Add and manage Digital Audio Features with extreme efficiency

  • 400+ Audio building-blocks to connect and configure in a Drag-n-Drop design environment.
  • Reference Designs available to jump-start development
  • High / Mid / Low tier product-variants easy to support with scalable, cross-platform designs.


Software ASRC - Software solution for products with multiple audio inputs.



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